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Scout Taylor-Compton, James Landry Hébert, Mark Boone Junior
Julie (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Jim (James Landry Hébert), a young American couple, decide to go on a vacation to Thailand. Their trip is filled with beautiful moments, and it becomes even more special when Jim proposes to Julie, and she happily accepts. However, their blissful journey takes an unexpected turn when they unknowingly disrespect a malevolent force while wandering through dense forests.

Soon, this demonic entity starts to haunt Julie, causing her immense distress. Not only does it target her, but it also inflicts fear upon those around her, unleashing a series of terrifying events. Will the couple be able to escape the clutches of this evil spirit? Find out in this gripping tale of supernatural horror set amidst the backdrop of a mesmerizing vacation in Thailand.

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