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Danielle Macdonald, Sahr Ngaujah, Bridget Everett
Patricia "Dumbo" Dombrowski, who is affected by both sexism and discrimination, faces the challenge of becoming a rap star despite being a fat white girl. In the dark neighborhood of Jersey, will she transform into the hip hop sensation "Patti Cake$" or will her fame be short-lived? Patti Cake$ gained significant attention at the Sundance Film Festival and received high praise at Cannes, particularly for the performance of Australian lead actress Danielle Macdonald. The film tells the inspiring story of a talented, determined, and overweight woman who strives to break free from prejudice and the limitations of a small town while also dealing with her mother's love troubles and struggles. Director Geremy Jasper, who also composed the film's music, draws inspiration from his own experiences as a 23-year-old who felt trapped and struggled to express himself.

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